ALIENWARE AURORA 2019 GAMING LAPTOP WITH alienware aurora r11 gaming desktop specs


                                       ALIENWARE  AURORA 2019 with alienware aurora r11 gaming desktop specs


       ALIENWARE  AURORA 2019 with alienware aurora r11 gaming desktop specs

(ALIENWARE AURORA 2019)Hello and welcome to you This is also good to look at, too. The desktop is also found very good. Features are also very good. And it goes to Alien ware. For your gaming devise. Whether it is a laptop or a puck Today we will see what is special about aurora.


           With this you get a gaming keyboard and also get a gaming mouse. You get a height drive inside the puck of a computer. Which does not appear much in the puck today. When you find ram to see 1 then you get to see the hard drive.

               And talk about graphics card, so get the graphics 2080 graphics card in it. You can play games on high FPS. 4 can also enjoy gaming. So let's talk about it's features.

alienware aurora 2019


                The design of this laptop will get to see the overall metallic loo. And the specific bottom area that you will see in the back side. And the lights in the border give a gaming look to your laptop.


              If you talk about the front area, 2 speakers have been given 1 right side and 1 left side. The output that will not be blocked.


                   If you talk on keyboard, the keyboard is not full size, you can manage any kind of light in your keyboard. Much work has been done on cooling system. The display gets a lot of good wings

           Even for the people who created the content and for the people who have a gamer, the display is also very good. It will be known to you that in which regulation you get the display and in which regulation you get the reflection of which regulation you get.


alienware aurora 2019

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Question about alienware aurora

*       What is Alienware Aurora?

ANSWER : ALIENWARE aurora is laptop series of aurora company  aurora is best gaming pc  maker in the world.

*      How much ram does alienware aurora have?

ANSWER:  It is based on your budget  ram starts 12GB ,16GB ,32GB, 64.

Is the Alienware aurora r9 good?

ANSWER :  Company says alienware is the best pc for you so alienware aurora r9 is good .

alienware aurora r9 price in India

         Indian price of   alienware aurora r9 is 70,000.this is a big budget for many people but device is fully loaded with feature and specification .provide you big ram hard processor and highest version of Intel .

alienware aurora r11 price in india

           alienware aurora r11 price in India is 1,13,000 ($1499.99)and is a big budget laptop for India with best feature and top level specification in this price laptop will started selling on 21 may 2020 available amazon and flipkart etc.  

alienware aurora r10 price in India

alienware aurora r10 price in India is starts from $800 to $3600 and this price is estimated .

alienware aurora r8 price in India

         alienware aurora r8 price in India starts from 1,40,000 to 2,80,000 this price is on specification  based .aurora r8 price in India is not reviled. this price of alienware aurora r8 is estimated from our research.

Is Alienware Aurora r11 good for live game streaming?

yes this  the best  laptop for streaming because alienware aurora r11 is fully loaded with features and this gaming laptop so this is a best laptop for live game streaming.

alienware aurora 2019


1] panel :-

 audio, video and connect USB and  others

2] PCI express e x4 slot

Connect  a PCI express card such as graphics or network card to improve your computer capability

3] power supply diagnostics release latches (2)

you can review the power supply unit of your computer

4] power supply diagnostics light :-

 indicates the power supply

5] power port :-

Connect a power cable to your computer to provide power

6] side panel  release  latch:-

 all you to remove the side panel  to your computer .

7]  display port :-

Connect an  external a projector

8] microphone port :-

Connect an external microphone to provide sound input.

                         alienware aurora r11 gaming desktop specs

Dimensions and weight:-

Hight:-  422.8 mm for front  and 472.5 mm for rear

Weight :- 212 mm

Depth:- 360.50 mm

Weight maximum :- 14. 82 kg


Processor :-

Processors specifications

Processor 8th generation intel core i5, i3, i7 or 9th generation intel core i5k /i7k/i9k

Wattage  65w

Core count 2/4/4

Thread count  6/8/8

Speed up to 3.40 GHz , 3.90 Ghz, 4.6 GHz with turbo boost and upto 4.6 GHz / 4.9 GHz/ 5.0GHz with turbo boost

Integrated graphics :- intel graphics 620



Chipset specifications

Chipset intel Z370 chipset

D ram bus width  not supported

Clash  16 mb

External bus frequency pci  gen 3x4


Operating system

Windows 10 home 64 bit

windows 10 professional 64bit


Slots                                                                        four dim sockets

Type                                                                        ddr4

Configuration supported                                    8 GB DDR4 at 2666 MHz

                                                                                16 GB DDR4 at 2666 MHz

                                                                                32 GB DDR4 at 2666 MHz

                                                                                 64 GB DDR4 at 2666 MHz

                                                                                  8 GB XMP at 2933 MHz

                                                                                  16 GB XMP at 2933 MHz

                                                                                  32 GB XMP at 2933 MHz

                                                                                  64 GB XMP at 2933 MHz

                                                                                   16 GB XMP at 3200 MHz

                                                                                   32 GB XMP at 3200 MHz

                                                                                   64 GB XMP at 3200 MHz

Speed                                                                      2666 MHz

                                                                                  Up to  Hyper FURY DDR4 XMP at 3200 MHz

Maximum  memory                                              64 GB

Minimum memory                                                 4 GB

Memory per slot                                                    4 GB,  8 GB and  16 GB



Intel optane memory

Type storage accelerator

Interface PCI  3.0x4

Connecter m.2  2280

Ports and connecter

USB  3 USB.1

Audio     1 audio output


Network   one RJ 45 ports

Video      one display port optional

Media card      not supported

Power adapter port        not supported

Legacy  port             not supported

Communications        model no. killer e2500ethernet controller  integrated on system board 

Transfer rate              10/1000 mbps


NVIDIA GEFOCE RTX   memory size 8 GB , memory type GDD R6

NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX TI  memory size 11 GB , memory type GDD R6


One u.2 drive, too 2.5 inch hard drive

Power ratings

Input voltage  100 VAC  to 240 VAC

Input frequency  50 Hz to 60 Hz

Type 460 volt to  850 volt

Temperature range  :

Operating                                   5’C to 50’C {41’F to 122’ F}

Storage                                         -40’C to 70 ‘C {-40 F to 158’F}


Input current {maximum }        8 A

Output current { continuous }     3.3V/17A,5V/25A,12VA/18A


Rated output voltage                  3.3V,5V, 12VA,12VB,12VC,5Vaux.


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some another questions about ALIENWARE AURORA laptops

What is the best Alienware Aurora?

alienware aurora r11 is the most popular and best laptop .this is very hard gaming laptop .r11 gives you a next level experience in gaming.

Is the Alienware Aurora r11 upgradable?

yes this is easily upgradable and you can improve your performance.

dell alienware aurora r7 price in India

it is not fix by alienware aurora r7 but the specification is higher then another pc and laptops.

alienware aurora r11 price in usa

alienware aurora r11 price in usa is $1,130 but its not confirm by dell, any time change this price we update it

Is the Alienware Aurora r11 good?