List of best top 8 perfect game class of 2021 and 2020 for pc


List of best top 8 perfect game class of 2021 and 2020 for pc  

Do you know it is said that 2020 and 2021 are going to be very special in the gaming industry. It simply means that a lot of exciting games are going to happen in the year 2020 and 2021. But due to the quid-19 have to wait a bit. To play these excitement games. And the covid-19 is not meant that the games will not be rail

so let's talk about perfect game class of 2021


In this article, we'll talk about the games you've been waiting for many years.

top 8 perfect game class of 2021 and 2020



                       1.The last of us 2 :- the last of us part 2 tera multiplayer     

big upcoming games of 2021
Who is not waiting for the game Everyone is waiting for this game. After playing the last of that part 1, everyone wants to know what is after 5 years. And part 2's story is about to start from the world after 5 years of part 1. The game trailer has shown that this game will move us to the high level. The trailer is very exciting and interesting. will the last of us part 2 have multiplayer : yes 


2.Ghost of Tsushima :- ghost of tsushima ending choice

     This game is very exclusive for the ps4. This game has been played enough because of covid-19. This is an ancient samurai game. This game is based unseen, samurai time period. And a lot of people are waiting for this game.

big upcoming games of 2021

The name of the game's character was the ghost. And this character was funded for its life, emotional empires After watching the trailer and gameplay screen, it has been known that how much excitement and amazing So you have to wait a little bit to play this game. so many games are think ghost of tsushima how long to beat and its really hard .


3.The paper marry organic game :-

The player of PLAYSTATION and XBOX will not even know about this game but the players of Nintendo switch are eagerly waiting for this game. And no doubt this is a brand new paper organic game,

           This game will be superb and beautiful. And it will be too much amazing.


4.  Marvels avengers:-

 About this game marvel fans is too much excite. This game will also be played for XBOX 1, ps4 and puck. This game's time will be most around September 2020. And this game has also been assigned enough. This game's graphics is quite amazing.

big upcoming games of 2021

Definitely, this game is based on avengers. The storyline of this game is absolutely isolated from marvel cinematic universe. This means that the part of the game is not at all. The game you can play After a disaster in Francisca our assemble To save the world as it does every time.



5.Cyberpunk  2077 :-

       I am personally weaving this game. This game will be rails for the system, playstation4 and XBOX1. And that's why I said that this game is my Favourite , because of the developer's project is red. Whose fan I am from a long time This company was in the witcher wild hunt. Cad the projectors red has shown us the trailer and enough teasers is cyber punk 2077 poor The discussion of this game is going on since 2012. This game will be based about futuristic life city.

big upcoming games of 2021


              Everything here will be futuristic. We can not say anything till we have to play this game. The fetish has been confirmed that our character will be as far as it means that you can also customs the parts of the caretaker. In the game you can customs by sucking anything from the mail female. And definitely it'll be roll playing games. This is a first person game high graphics game. And witcher fountain And the thing that takes the excitement of this game to the next level is John poured. He is also in this game.


6.God of war 5 :-

big upcoming games of 2021
            Who is not waiting for god of war 5 after god of war 2018. God o war 2018 took gaming to a next level. And santamonica has shown us some new things in every god of war part. This game is going to be quite interesting. Many people are waiting for this game. This game will be quite high graphics and quite big size. Why everyone knows how well the santa

monica has developed graphics in every part of god of war. So the graphics of this game will be very high quality.



7.Assassin creed  Valhalla :-

big upcoming games of 2021

            In the last part of the Assassin creed  franchise has been completely destroyed in the last part of the creed. The developers has brought a lot of improvement to this upcoming part. This rug will not be like the last part. Meaning now you can relax. Had to see the old national games in this game




        Who is not weighing the group 6. Why everyone knows about the group. From today's date to group 3, And you might think that when the new game of the group will come. We've waited more than 7 years and after watching the most latest version of gta, we can guess how much amazing the gat6 will be. How much will its graphics, graphics and quality be advanced?



big upcoming games of 2021
And take a step ahead of the level of gaming . Guy is all we are waiting for. There are plenty of YOUTUBERS and BLOGGERS on this game have predictions. A lot of gold has come out. But all this will be confirmed when we see the GTA 6 That is why gat6 should pay for the top position in our list.


      So guys this our top 8 perfect game class of 2021

          And GTA 6 is top position on our list