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                    GTA ONLINE REDDIT STORY [GTA 5 MODS]


 Today we are talk about GTA ONLINE REDDIT STORY.

               Gta 5 is a game that changed the gaming industry after launch. The game broke the record on the first day itself. More than 11 million copies have been sold, and more than 80 million have been traded. The record of the gata5 does not break even after 5 years of game launch. So today we can explain the story of the game.


  Story :-

The story begins 1 bank robbery day 9 years before the present day Where 3 friends were looted together, 1 bank is, michael, cleverer, and brad. Suddenly the police arrive and attacks on those three, and they try to escape the three. Their 1 friend is waiting for the car outside. But the police shot him and he tries to escape with 3 friends sitting in the park and they meet with an accident and the police shot them in the desert.


After some time Michael is the funeral but after that we see that Michael is dead and he feels like Michael is dead and he is in the prison. And then we see that Michael is consulting a psych for his mutual feud. And we find out that Michael is the owner of the name Michael desanta has taken his name. After this we find out that Michael gives the details of robbery and deals with fib and helps him settle down with fib security.


And he also promises to remove all of Michael's criminal records. And what does Michael franklin get from a tiny thief? And one day Michael's son is kidnap the kidnappers and helps him frankly lee Michael. And then the relationship and frankly And one day Michael sees his wife in the backdoor with the tennis coach, and he's going to the hill looking for the coach with franklin. And breaks the house of Michael coach. And the relationships with Michael's wife of his wife are even worse.

Later Michael and franklin finds that the house he had dropped does not belongs to a powerful gangleader of the coach who is a drug Mafia. After that he asks the gangster Michael for money and Michael is forced to return to his criminal life. And to arrange for the money Michael meets an old friend from the laster. He and the laster plan a jewelry shop robbery. And successfully rob the shop. And remain hidden for a few days. And after that we see the travel that is alive is the most daring and funny character of the travel group. Do business of travel guns and brothers. And business is ending up your competition. And he makes a lot of his mischief.


And sugar gangsters also create their hostility with them. After that he is the robbery shop robbery and he sees the work of Michael. Travel asks Michael to find his friend from grad. And he finds Michael. And he reaches Michael's house. And Michael gets shock by looking at the travel. And among them, the relationships with Michael's family get worse and he leaves him and goes away.


But they keep the criminal activities of franklin laster. And starts high profile life. And he does street gang activity with his special friend Lamar. And travel is also expanding your business in the same city. For which travel government security weapon steals in the contractor company, which is the company, Mary wather. After all these, dev nortan, who first forces Michael's help kit and together with another fib officer Steve Michael and driver to work with some of his inlabels and tells them to hire jobs in these jobs, to arrange for them only.


And now to arrange for the money from Michael davin visten, which has a big cats. Devin vistam is sold the sovalman film studio because of that Michael is also very interested in becoming the producer. Michael is the producer of the film but wants to stop her film by fraud with western Michael, why the insurance of the film may take money from the producer That's why the western security Molly tries to escape from the film and follow Michael moli's airport and accidently the Molly plane engine and die. After that there is an hostility between the western and Michael.


STORY OF GTA ONLINE REDDIT  [GTA 5 MODS] REVIEW OF GTA ONLINE REDDITAnd after all this Martin madraso was a drug dealer to contact Michael, why some secret files of Martin 's Martin were to be present in the court as an evidence of case-martin' s secret files. That is why Martin traver and Michael asks him to bring back the secret file. In which Martin and Martin crash the cabin, he manages to get the secret file. And in order to file the file, asks for money Martin, and gives money to the wife of revolver Martin. That's why trouser and Michael has to leave the los content and run away. And now both of them are starting to remain in the house of the highway. And the tragedy begins to expand your business by stealing it again from Mary wather. And again, fib needs some money to weigh the second lab, which requires both. And for the purpose of a robbery, the labor highway and Michael laster is called for a robbery plan.


Frankly Lin also joins the robbery and Michael. And the three rob the bank once again, the governor gets a very valuable item in the time of looting some other items in the company of Mary wather, which is so precious that the Martin 's Martin can end the enemy with the trouser and Michael's Martin. That is why Michael asks the thing and his wife to return to the Martin. Instead of him, Michael traver tells him that he can work on looting his huge plan scheme, which is the biggest plan of both of them till now. And returns to the Martin Martin 's wife and helps him in putting the rate on the level, Michael and franklin. After this the three go to the los antos where Michael comes back to his family.



One day, on the brink of Michael asks him that if Michael is alive himself, who is buried in his place in mastac eruard, he tries to twist the Michael thing. Then the highway is suspicious and he goes out to see Michael's tomb. Now, seeing the dead boy in the grave, he stops trusting Michael. And the friendship of both of them is now changed into hostility. Woman travels from him. After this, the Chinese gangster who is the enemy of the seaver gets to kidnap Michael and kidnap him, thinking that Michael's going to talk about him to save Michael's life. Marvel does not matter to Michael 's life, but when he takes the difference from Michael' s life, and when he does not have a contact with Michael, he tells the franklin laster to track Michael 's location and kill the china's gangster gangster and saves Michael' s life. On the other hand, fib agents's problem is going up, why does fib now have to be suspicious about hoots, for whom Mr. Michael, franklin and tells them to give the last time help. helps Michael to enter the fib headquarters why Michael could clear all his criminal records. But Michael finishes his last criminal record to finish fib 's control by himself and he runs away from them.


After the record is over, the agent calls Michael to the house and wants to kill him in anger. After that the fib also reaches it. And until the company arrives with Marie. And a little shootout starts. To save Michael's life, he reaches the shore and saves Michael's life and both of them work on his plan union. While they are working on the plan, a problem comes in front of them. In which they have to go to the glain county to avoid the franklin's special friend of franklin. Save him and he comes back. And the laster union starts working on the plan. 10 million gold is stolen by fights against musspd and mary wather. Everything is going well. But until then, the wastin franklin's house has come. And the person takes the franklin And fab wants that frankly


But frankly, he does a sensible mission plan, in which the three of him face his enemies. In which the enemy kills Michael's enemy fib agent. And the enemy of revolver also kills the chains gang leader. After that, the three together were ghats. And the fib agent who first helped Michael to erase the criminal record who again removes the criminal record of those three. And they all start their new life.

            So guys this is    STORY OF GTA ONLINE REDDIT  [GTA 5 MODS] REVIEW OF GTA ONLINE REDDIT from perfectgamingreview.com


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