Play Google Atari Breakout Game

Play Google Atari Breakout Game

How does one do Google Gravity on a smartphone?

There are numerous things that Google can do, just for engaging its crowd. Yet, a big number folks don't believe those things. Mr.Doob has presented some pleasant google unique interfaces which will reflect its guests. 

Mr. Doob has made numerous such online projects, and therefore the Google circle may be a piece of it. does one recall? At the purpose when Endgame was delivered, Google presented a Thanos click that might delete half Google content for quite while. Indeed, even that was a bit of Google cheerful nature.


Notwithstanding, we are back to the inquiry regarding the way to do the gravity google trick on your telephone . Follow the straightforward and short strides for enjoying out this stunt on your telephone. 

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GOOGLE GRAVITY : How To Find & Play  google Atari Breakout Easter Egg On Google Search

Stage 1


Open the web browser that you simply are utilizing on your telephone, say Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or another that you simply like.


Stage 2


At the purpose when the program is open, type on your URL board that's situated on the very best point of the program. confine mind, there's no easy route to this; consequently you would like to contact the landing page of Google's internet searcher.


Stage 3


At the purpose when the landing page of Google is open on your keen gadgets, type 'google gravity' within the hunt board. Try to not tap on the inquiry button during a flash.


Stage 4


Rather than tapping on the hunt button, click the catch that says I'm feeling fortunate once you do this you'll see that the gravity google trick has been enacted.


Stage 5


Invest your energy twiddling with the pleasant components and going to subsequent choice straightforwardly from that screen.

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GOOGLE GRAVITY : How To Find & Play  google Atari Breakout Easter Egg On Google Search


What is the google gravity trick , and can it hurt your gadget?


The gravity stunt in google is one among the various stunts that google can perform. this is often an internet application that assumes responsibility for the landing page on Google. This application will permit you to ascertain the substance, for instance , the pursuit bar, different alternatives, catches, dialects, then forth tumble from the screen. to place it plainly, all that you simply see on Google will seem tumbling down due to the gravity .


These projects are made so individuals visiting google can have an excellent time a touch . Google permits it's watchers to play out various scholarly exercises like finding basic information over the online , academic writings, areas, then forth Subsequently, it's not out of the question for a corporation as youthful as Google to allow its crowd to possess an honest time and attract with Google. These applications keep you occupied as you plan to mapped out what is going on on or if the interface is harmed.


No, these web projects won't harm your telephone using any and every one means. As Google favors these, they're ok to be used . Numerous youngsters are the initial ones to get these kinds of things.

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google offered programs


What are the opposite web programs offered by Google?


Google offers you a great many web programs directly on the landing page. These projects are protected, and you'll utilize them at whatever point you would like .


1. Google Anti Gravity


The Google repulsion stunt will make all the google components drift on your screen. This sure may be a great stunt for people to seem at how the arcade-style makes things fascinating. For actuating this program, you would like to follow similar strides as you accomplished for the gravity google stunt. Just one modification must be made to what you type within the inquiry bar. rather than 'Google Gravity,' compose 'Google repulsion .'


2. Google Zero Gravity


The google components within the zero-gravity mode will seem switched. as if all of the components have flipped around. In any event, for enacting this program, you would like to follow similar advances. Of course, you would like to make sure you're composing 'google zero gravity' before clicking I'm feeling fortunate.


3. Google Underwater


Submerged, because the name recommends, is an interface that takes you under the ocean. Here you'll actually want to feature more fishes to your screen. Also, you'll see the inquiry bar coasting on the water and 'Google' as a uniform representation. The means for enacting this program are something very similar, simply type 'google submerged' before initiating.


4. Google Sphere


This interface will permit you to ascertain the Google components addressed during a circular way. Actually like different projects, this has similar advances and 'google circle' because the hunt word.


5. Google do a roll .


A full roll that's from the upper left corner to the right base corner, Google will take a 360° turn. 

For quite while , there's been a secret Atari Breakout game accessible to play on Google Search. Here's the proper method to get and play the sport in 2020. 

elgooG (word Google spelled in reverse) may be a reflected site of Google Search with evenly flipped list items, otherwise called a "Google reflect". it had been made by only too Flat"for fun", what began to accumulate ubiquity in 2002.The site discovered commonsense use within the People's Republic of China after the homegrown forbidding of Google, evading the good Firewall,but it doesn't work anymore. A WHOIS demand shows that the world was enlisted to Google LLC since 2000, yet it's presently available to be purchased. during this site, you'll discover a Pac-Man game, Space Invaders, Breakout, and Thanos.

There's a secret Atari Breakout Easter egg game accessible to play in Google Search, on the off chance that you simply skills . this is often only one of the many Google-related Easter eggs that are delivered before are so far accessible today. While this one are often gotten to during a similar general manner because the others, the interaction is somewhat extraordinary due to the exceptional idea of the Easter egg. 

By current norms, Breakout isn't really the foremost outwardly or intellectually invigorating game. All things considered, it's simply another sort of Pong. Notwithstanding, when Breakout originally dispatched back in 1976, it had been tons of a results of its time and one that immediately pulled popular and find yourself being successful . For foundation, while not in charge of the name or the thought, Breakout was intended for Atari by Steve Wozniak who was paid by Steve Jobs

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The Great computer game Crash Of 1983: What Caused The Console-Pocalypse? 

While Google Atari Breakout dispatched in 1976, the Google Search form was added back in 2013 to stamp the 37th commemoration of the primary . Straightforwardly enlivened by the exemplary sort of the sport , Google's variant rolls out an honest improvement to the quality Google Search insight. 

Players have the choice of utilizing the bolt keys on their console, or the particular mouse to play the sport . With no clicking included, you will have five lives to supply the foremost elevated score you'll by getting through however many squares as would be prudent. 

Discovering Atari Breakout On Google Search 

With most Google Search Easter eggs, discovering them is just about as basic as trying to find the proper inquiry term. While that's actually obvious this point also, there's a further precarious expected to appropriately discover and play the Search adaptation of Breakout. The hunt term you would like to utilize is "Atari Breakout" albeit just "Breakout" will function too. 

Notwithstanding the term, within the event that you simply play out the hunt ordinarily, Google Search will return the standard arrangement of results, including connections to true destinations and assets. Despite the very fact that you simply wont to have the choice to urge to the sport via rummaging through the pictures segment of Google Search, that's not true anymore - in any event not without navigating a connection. 

the proper and flow approach to trace down the Easter egg in 2020 is to attach the inquiry term within the Google Search bar and hit "I'm feeling fortunate." 

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Once more, on the off chance that you simply don't utilize the fortunate pursuit alternative, the Easter egg won't load needless to say , and therefore the equivalent is valid for Google Search Images, in spite of the very fact that you simply will finish up with tons of images of the sport . Likewise, as there is no "I'm feeling fortunate" tab when going to Google Search through the Chrome portable application, those clients can in any case play the sport via trying to find the term typically and afterward tapping on the principal item. In any case, that's not exactly like the Atari Breakout game consequently beginning once you play out the Google search.

google atari breakout images

What is
google atari breakout ?

Googole Atari Breakout is an arcade game created and distributed by Atari, Inc., and delivered on May 13, 1976. it had been conceptualized by Nolan Bushnell and Steve Bristow, impacted by the first 1972 Atari arcade game Pong. 

Breakout was the premise and motivation for specific parts of the Apple II PC. In 1978, the sport was ported to the Atari 2600 and a continuation was made, Super Breakout, which four years after the very fact became the "pack-in game" for the Atari 5200 comfort. Breakout brought forth an entire class of Breakout clones, and therefore the idea discovered new legs with Taito's 1986 Arkanoid, which itself produced many imitators. 

google atari breakout game play things

In Breakout, a layer of blocks lines the highest third of the screen and therefore the objective is to annihilate all of them . A ball moves straight round the screen, skipping off the highest and different sides of the screen. At the purpose when a block is hit, the ball skips back and therefore the block is annihilated. The player loses a turn when the ball contacts the lower a part of the screen; to stay this from occurring, the player has an on A level plane portable oar to ricochet the ball upward, keeping it live . 

table of content 

1. Gameplay 
2. History and improvement 
3. Reception 
4. Ports 
5. Apple II impact 
6. Legacy 
6.1 Re-delivers and upgraded renditions 
6.2 Pilgrim within the Microworld 
6.3 Super Breakout story 
6.4 Easter eggs 
7. References 

Arcade adaptation screen capture 

Breakout starts with eight columns of blocks, with every two lines an alternate tone. The shading request from the bottom up is yellow, green, orange and red. Utilizing a solitary ball, the player should wreck however many blocks as might be allowed by utilizing the dividers or potentially the oar beneath to ricochet the ball against the blocks and kill them. within the event that the player's oar misses the ball's recover , they're going to lose a turn. The player has three goes to aim to urge two screens free from blocks. 

Yellow blocks acquire one point each, green blocks procure three focuses, orange blocks acquire five focuses and therefore the high level red blocks score seven focuses each. The oar psychologists to one-a large portion of its size after the ball has gotten through the red column and hit the upper divider. Ball speed increments at explicit stretches: after four hits, after twelve hits, and within the wake of connecting with the orange and red lines. 
The most noteworthy score reachable for one player is 896; this is often finished by wiping out two screens of blocks worth 448 focuses per screen. When the second screen of blocks is annihilated, the ball live innocuously bobs off void dividers until the player restarts the sport , as no extra screens are given. In any case, a mysterious method to attain past the 896 greatest is to play the sport in two-player mode. 

google atari breakout images []

within the event that "Player One" finishes the principal screen on their third and last ball, at that time quickly and purposely permits the ball to "channel", Player One's subsequent screen is moved to "Player Two" as a 3rd screen, permitting Player Two to attain a limit of 1,344 focuses on the off chance that they're sufficiently skilled to stay the third ball live that long. When the third screen is killed, the sport is finished.
The first arcade bureau of Breakout highlighted art that uncovered the game's plot to be that of a jail escape. As per this delivery, the player is basically playing together of a jail's detainees endeavoring to thump a catch 22 into a mass of their cell with a hammer. On the off chance that the player effectively obliterates the divider in-game, their prisoner escapes with others following. 

History and advancement 

Breakout, a discrete rationale (non-chip) game, was planned by Nolan Bushnell, Steve Wozniak, and Steve Bristow, all of the three of whom were engaged with Atari and its Kee Games auxiliary. Atari created imaginative computer games utilizing the Pong equipment as a methods for rivalry against organizations making "Pong clones". 

Bushnell needed to rework Pong into a solitary player game, where the player would utilize an oar to stay a ball that exhausts a mass of blocks. Bushnell was sure the sport would be famous, and he and Bristow banded together to make a thought . Al Alcorn was allocated because the Breakout project chief, and began advancement with Cyan Engineering in 1975. Bushnell relegated Steve Jobs to plan a model. Occupations was offered $750, with an honor for every TTL (semiconductor rationale) chip but 50. Occupations vowed to end a model inside four days.

Bushnell offered the reward since he loathed how new Atari games required 150 to 170 chips; he realized that Jobs' companion Steve Wozniak, a worker of Hewlett-Packard, had planned an adaptation of Pong that utilized around 30 chips. Jobs had minimal particular information on circuit card configuration however realized Wozniak was fit creating plans with few chips. 

He persuaded Wozniak to figure with him, promising to part the charge equitably between them if Wozniak could limit the number of chips. Wozniak had no portrayals and rather deciphered the sport from its depiction. to save lots of parts, he had "precarious little plans" hard to grasp for many designers. on the brink of the furthest limit of improvement, Wozniak considered moving the high score to the screen's top, however Jobs guaranteed Bushnell needed it at the base; Wozniak was uninformed of any reality to his cases. 

the primary cutoff time was met after Wozniak worked at Atari four evenings straight, performing some extra plans while at his normal everyday employment at Hewlett-Packard. This likened to a gift of $5,000, which Jobs hid from Wozniak. Wozniak has expressed he just got installment of $350;  he accepted for quite while that Atari had guaranteed $700 for an idea utilizing but 50 chips, and $1000 for fewer than 40, expressing in 1984 that "we just got 700 bucks for it". Wozniak was the architect, and Jobs was the breadboarder and analyzer. 

Wozniak's unique plan utilized 42 chips; the last, working breadboard he and Jobs conveyed to Atari utilized 44, yet Wozniak said: "We were so drained we were unable to chop it down".

The effortlessness of the sport made a problem when the copyright recording was denied in light of the very fact that it "didn't contain at any rate a base measure of unique pictorial or realistic origin, or creation in sounds" and Atari appealed.  In Atari Games Corp. v. Oman, at that time Court of Appeals Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg tracked down that the work was copyrightable.

Atari couldn't utilize Wozniak's plan. By planning the board with as few chips as could really be expected, he made the plan hard to make; it had been excessively minimized and confounded to be achievable with Atari's assembling strategies. In any case, Wozniak claims Atari couldn't comprehend the plan, and hypothesizes "perhaps some specialist there was attempting to form some kind of adjustment to it". Atari aroused planning their own rendition for creation, which contained around 100 TTL chips. Wozniak discovered the continued interaction to be like his unique creation, and couldn't discover any differences.

The arcade bureau utilizes a highly contrasting screen, however the screen has portions of shaded cellophane put over it therefore the blocks have all the earmarks of being in shading.

play google atari breakout images



In October 1976, the yearly RePlay outline recorded Breakout because the fifth most elevated acquiring arcade video game of 1976 within the us , underneath killer whale , Gun Fight, Wheels and Indy 800.[18] Breakout was later the third most elevated procuring arcade video game of 1977 within the US, beneath killer whale and Sprint 2,[19][20] and therefore the fifth most elevated procuring arcade video game of 1978 within the US.[21] 


Atari 2600 adaptation 
The first arcade sort of Breakout was ported to the Atari 2600 by Brad Stewart. the sport was distributed in 1978, yet with just six columns of blocks, and therefore the player is given five goes to clear two dividers instead of three. within the Breakthru variation, the ball doesn't skip off of the blocks however proceeds through them until it reaches the finale .

 Atari had this term reserved and utilized it notwithstanding Breakout to portray interactivity, particularly in resemble the opposite an equivalent games and changes. 
Atari's 1977 devoted Video Pinball support incorporates a Breakout game. 

Apple II impact 

Breakout straightforwardly affected Wozniak's plan for the Apple II PC. He said: "A ton of highlights of the Apple II went in light of the very fact that I had planned Breakout for Atari. I had planned it in equipment. I needed to compose it in programming now".

 This incorporated his plan of shading designs hardware, the expansion of game oar backing and sound, and illustrations orders in Integer BASIC, with which he worked Brick Out, his very own product clone equipment game.

 Wozniak said in 
Fundamentally, all of the sport highlights were placed in to form sure I could flaunt the sport I knew about—Breakout—at the Homebrew Computer Club. it had been the foremost fulfilling day of my life [when] I showed Breakout—completely written in BASIC. It seemed to be a huge advance to me. within the wake of designing equipment arcade games, i noticed that having the choice to program them in BASIC planned to vary the planet . 


This segment needs extra references for check. If it isn't an excessive amount of trouble, help improve this text by adding references to solid sources. Unsourced material could be tested and eliminated. (April 2017) (Learn how and when to eliminate this format message) 

how to find & play google atari breakout on google

Re-delivers and upgraded renditions 

The achievement of the sport caused Super Breakout's delivery in 1978. It contains three separate game modes. the house ports incorporate Breakout as a fourth mode, utilizing the Super Breakout visual style. 

Breakout 2000 for the Atari Jaguar adds a 3D playfield and additional highlights. 
A 3D Breakout-propelled game was distributed essentially as Breakout in 2000 for the PC and PlayStation by Hasbro Interactive's Atari Interactive auxiliary. 
In 2011 Atari S.A. delivered a refreshed rendition of Breakout as Breakout Boost. the most distinction is that the expansion of improved illustrations, catalysts, and extraordinary block types. 

A refreshed sort of the sport has been reported for discharge solely for the Intellivision Amico.

Explorer within the Microworld 

Explorer within the Microworld may be a life account by David Sudnow specifying his fixation on Breakout. Sudnow portrays examining the game's mechanics, visiting the maker in Silicon Valley , and talking the programmers.

Super Breakout story 

For Kid Stuff Records, John Braden recorded a 7-in 33 1⁄3 RPM record recounting the narrative of Super Breakout. This sci-fi story managed NASA space traveler Captain John Stewart Chang getting back from a traditional mission shipping titanium metal from Io to space platform New California. He experiences a rainbow hindrance, probably an influence of nature, that appears to possess no closure on one or the opposite side. 

He has three hurling rockets of white light that he can bob off the frame of his van, and that they demonstrate able to get through the layers of the facility field. together with his life emotionally supportive networks falling flat, what follows may be a future hardship turned game as he endeavors to urge through the hindrance in space. 

Google gravity:How To Find & Play  google Atari Breakout Easter Egg Images On Google Search.

Easter eggs 

The original iPod Classic had an Easter egg where holding down the center catch for a few of moments within the "About" menu made Breakout appear. 

On the 37th commemoration of the game's delivery, Google delivered a mysterious variant of Breakout available by composing "atari breakout" in Google pictures. the image thumbnails structure the breakout blocks, turn various tones, and after a ball and oar seem the sport begins.

Instructions to Find and Play Atari Breakout Easter Egg On Google Search 

Instructions to Find and Play Atari Breakout Easter Egg On Google Search [images  of atari breakout google]

[ how to play atari breakout in google ]

There's a secret Atari Breakout Easter egg game accessible to play in Google Search, on the off chance that you know how. This is just one of many Google-related Easter eggs that have been delivered before are as yet accessible today. While this one can be gotten to in a similar general manner as the others, the interaction is somewhat extraordinary because of the one of a kind sort of the Easter egg. 

By current principles, Breakout is not really the most outwardly or intellectually animating game. All things considered, it is simply one more form of Pong. In any case, when Breakout initially dispatched back in 1976, it was a lot of a result of its time and one that quickly pulled popular and end up being a hit. For foundation, while not answerable for the name or the thought, Breakout was intended for Atari by Steve Wozniak who was paid by Steve Jobs. 

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While Breakout dispatched in 1976, the Google Search adaptation was added back in 2013 to check the 37th commemoration of the first. Straightforwardly roused by the exemplary rendition of the game, Google's variant rolls out a pleasant improvement to the standard Google Search insight. Players have the choice of utilizing the bolt keys on their console, or the actual mouse to play the game. With no clicking included, you'll have five lives to create the most elevated score you can by getting through whatever number squares as could reasonably be expected. 

click here to play google atari breakout in google search

Discovering Atari Breakout On Google Search 

With most Google Search Easter eggs, discovering them is just about as basic as looking for the right pursuit term. While that is in fact obvious this time too, there's an additional lofty expected to appropriately discover and play the Search form of Breakout. The pursuit term you need to utilize is "Atari Breakout" albeit just "Breakout" will function also. Despite the term, in the event that you play out the inquiry regularly, Google Search will return the typical arrangement of results, including connections to true locales and assets.

 In spite of the fact that you used to have the option to get to the game via looking through the Images segment of Google Search, that is not true anymore - at any rate not without navigating a connection. The right and flow approach to track down the Easter egg in 2020 is to glue the inquiry term in the Google Search bar and hit "I'm feeling fortunate.

Once more, in the event that you don't utilize the fortunate pursuit choice, the Easter egg will not load as proposed, and the equivalent is valid for Google Search Images, in spite of the fact that you will wind up with a lot of pictures of the game. Also, as there's no "I'm feeling fortunate" tab when getting to Google Search through the Chrome versatile application, those clients can in any case play the game via looking for the term ordinarily and afterward tapping on the primary query output. Notwithstanding, that is not exactly equivalent to the Atari Breakout game naturally starting up when you play out the Google search.

 Atari Star Wars Arcade1UP Review  from

Once there have been more extraordinary consoles than simply the Playstation, Nintendo Wii and Xbox. Once, in an inaccessible age, there was Atari and Odyssey, Intellivision and Astrocade – many video game consoles from contending engineers, each trying to urge tons of another home diversion market. At that time came the good computer game Crash of 1983, an end times where various support makers left business and an enormous number of unsold games were committed to landfills. 

How did this calamity occur? 

the quantity of it had been the difficulty of the widely censured E.T. video game transformation? Peruse on to understand precisely what occurred, an account of creative game advancement suffocated during a tsunami of pitiful outsider titles and insane showcasing plans. 

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Atari Is Now Building Video Game-Themed Hotels within the us 

Computer games weren't generally accessible for people to possess at their homes, and within the good 'ol days they were normally divided among individuals with costly PCs. Notwithstanding, as innovation developed after a while , a couple of organizations needed to convey the diversion esteem that games gave to a different market: the living room . 

The 1970s - 1982: the increase Of Gaming Consoles... 


The original of consoles, driven by the 1972 Magnavox Odyssey, were unrefined by this principles, containing a hard and fast library of games enlightened on TVs utilizing straightforward light dabs and improving screen overlays; no different either way, they spearheaded a completely different field of home amusement. The second era of computer games supports developed accessible their cousins within the arcades, with comforts just like the Atari 2600 and Intellivision porting arcade hits like Space Invaders and Pac-Man over to individuals' homes. 

Game regulators developed more refined, basic dials and changes offering approach to unmistakable joysticks and catch exhibits, while simultaneously new implicit computer chips and gaming cartridges let gamers play a hypothetically limitless number of games on their support. Everybody needed to urge on board this pristine rage with their own consoles and games... also, simultaneously, they aroused tipping the allegorical boat directly finished. 

1980-1982: ...And Their Fall 

google atari breakout unblocked

E.T. video game For Atari 

The main factor behind the 1983 computer game Console Crash was the sheer overabundance of consoles available. In such a complicated misfortune of the middle , the Atari, Intellivision, Astrocade and different consoles were all vieing for the general public eye, separating client interest. An absence of cross-support titles likewise kept individual computer games from standing apart among the herd, harming deals and keeping devoted fanbases from creating. 

The second factor behind the Crash was that an outsized number of the games were simply terrible. for every hit like Adventure and Centipede, there have been twenty knockoffs of Pong and Pac-Man, produced onto the market by unpracticed toy organizations and canine food makers. a substantial lot of those games were unpleasant, and there have been not many as horrendous as 1982's E.T. The Extraterrestrial, a change of the hit Spielberg film put together throughout the span of an easy a month and a half. Inside the unassuming cartridge of E.T. The Extraterrestrial snuck a nasty dream of ongoing interaction that spooky youngsters with unlimited pits, collectible Reese's Pieces and a complete absence of any reasonable success condition. 

What Developers Learned From The Crash 

Nintendo Entertainment System 

A couple of organizations like Atari found out the way to remain in business, yet the Crash gave it and contenders a significant blow. After the disillusioning arrival of the Atari Jaguar in 1993, Atari left the comfort market (returning as lately with their Atari VCS theater setup). American designers by and enormous directed their concentration toward making games for the developing PC market, while Nintendo filled the gap with their Nintendo Entertainment System, delivered in 1985. The Nintendo's useful plan, combined with a library of cautiously curated quality titles, gotten the predominance of the gaming console industry by Japanese organizations, uncontested until the arrival of Microsoft's Xbox in 2001. 

The computer game Crash of 1983 may be a corrupt piece of history, however one with a silver coating. It got out the wrap of consoles available at that time , allowing gamers to choose more educated choices about which one to get . The sheer dreadfulness of titles like E.T. also, Chuckwagon showed comfort creators to vet their library of titles for quality and game engineers like Activision to state their own inventive dreams. sort of a decontaminating fierce blaze, the Crash cleared the sector for computer games to advance and for certifiable gaming societies to rise.


How do I activate Google Gravity?

Ans : When the homepage of Google is open on your smart devices, type 'google gravity' within the search panel. don't click on the search button instantly. rather than clicking on the search button, click the button that says I'm feeling lucky as soon as you are doing that you simply will see that the gravity google trick has been activated.

Do a gravity trick Google?

1. Google Gravity
• Visit “”.
• Inside the Google Search box type “Google Gravity”.
• Click on “I'm Feeling Lucky”, rather than “Google Search”.
• Now that you simply are on the “Google Gravity” page, move your mouse and every one the weather of the Google Homepage will start falling.

How do I activate Google gravity on my phone?

You can access the Google gravity on your Android Too.
Here is that the procedure to download the Google gravity Android app.
1. Click on the download button below and download the . apk file.
2. Now install the app on your Android device.
3. Open the Google gravity Android app.
4. Nothing to try to to now, the app will do the remainder .
5. what's Google mirror?
6. elgooG (word Google spelled backwards) may be a mirrored website of Google Search with horizontally flipped search results, also referred to as a "Google mirror". it had been created by only too Flat "for fun", which began to gain popularity in 2002.

Q;How do I make Google screen fall apart?

atari breakout gameplay images

Google Gravity Trick: the way to Make Google subside ? Trick to form Google Fall Down
1. Open your browser (preferably Google Chrome) and attend
2. Type Google Gravity within the Google search bar.
3. Just click on the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button.