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Top 10 games in the world for pc


                                      TOP 10 games in the world

1.Just  cause 4 :-   

Top 10 games in the world for pc

This game is absolutely the latest edition. This game will be able to see a lot of different things. Like this game which I have a character which has some gadgets and fats in it when you need it. As such, the same ski villagers can also climb on the same account, but also may be able to help your grub hook. In this game you get to see lots of action and adventure. In this game, in front of you, you will have to face the big choppers. Not only will you have to deal with nature and not only will you have to deal with nature. Like many times you have to face such things, storm tonaldo  water storm. And if you think this is too low, you can also destroy big buildings with the help of your granite launcher and missile launcher. Talk about this game's graphics kit oh graphics you can also see good enough


2.Watch dogs 2 :-

Top 10 games in the world for pc

Watch dogs are a very popular franchise coming from the side of Ubisoft. This means the sequel watch dogs2 of the sequel to see you get to San Francisco. In this game you get to see a very good graphics. You can drive a car, bike and a lot more. You can go anywhere and kill the people. It will be the whole open world environment. Understand one way you'll get the full world simulator. In this you get to see the world simulator. And the only thing in this game is that you get a lot of extra things in this game, like in a unique storyline of watch dogs 2, you will get to see the full focus hacking gal. Where you will hack, access the documents Overall the hacking elements in this overall game are found to be more seen, the expert I am the character is the great expert your character can jump from the buildings and climb the boss.


3.far cry 5 :-

Top 10 games in the world for pc

This game is too different. Here you get to see the natural environment, to see animals. You can care for those you love and fight. That is why the series of far cry people like this. He gets you to see the rivers, mountains, beautiful scenery and much more. And it's not that you do not see the modern technology. You can fly plain in the game, drive a car, ride a bike and can also use guns. The story of the game you get to see a lot of interesting things in which you have to fight some people who have locked up with some innocent logos. They will have to save you together In the middle you will also build your own belly to the animals and fight them.


4.sleeping dogs:-

Top 10 games in the world for pc

You do not see any New York and Miami Here you will get to see China. The game is going to be the full open world. You can also go to the game. And you are getting to see China, so you will also get to see the specialities and culture of it. And for this reason, this game is very different and is unique because you experience a different area culture. The sum gets to see, to see Gangwars, you participate in china town's  gangwars and create your own group separately. As the story progresses in the game, you will be faced with the police. And finally I am the king of you all over the city, in this game you will use kung fu martial arts,taekwondo, jitsu such things.


5.the witcher 3 wild hunt :-

Top 10 games in the world for pc

Witcher already is very popular game series of this series was the wither hunt game in which your character is a sword master. You face the dangerous thing, and the NMS you will use to kill you, and your career also has lots of skills to fight them. You can get to see the old unseat environment. If you like to fight with bigger  monsters and more than that and if you have a fan of the dealer series, then you can definitely do this game. The game is very high graphics. The game will get you to see a realistic look. And you'll get to see a unique accent story. As the game will increase you will be attached to the character


6.assassin creed odyssey :-

Top 10 games in the world for pc

In the assassin creed Odyssey, you get a character which withstands all sorts of troubles. And in the creed, you also get a cathartic selection, as you can switch from the mail character to the careers. You will get to see both the careers and get to see the same empire. You can explore. You get to see your storyline. And this is the special thing of the suckled creed that every game of its play is a very amazing story.

7. metal gear solid 5 :-

Top 10 games in the world for pc

Metal gear solid 5 is a total shooting game where you get to see the open world environment. You have to collect your brothers from the environment near the environment. In this game you can get more than 100 And this rust is defended against you, the open world environment is there, you can even kill them by hiding them, blast or use guns. Due to the open world, you will find different ways to defeat the false ones.


8. saints row 4:-

Top 10 games in the world for pc

It's a typical type of open world game. The open world environment will be available to see the Miami city. Modern bro To see the bike Too many logos to be completed This game is unique from the other because it will get to see an alien storyline. See unique closing items. Some people like this game very popular because of this game. And those who like to play normal games do not like it so much. Talk about this game's graphics kit oh graphics you get to see quite good.


9.red dead redemption 2 :-

Top 10 games in the world for pc

When the link was launched with the most popular story based  title of these PC red dead redemption, everyone went crazy, because the story of this game is very good. Talk about graphics is too high graphics from all the games that have been told so far. And not only when you play red dead redemption will you get wild west relief. Whether you run the short gun, whether sitting on the horse, old Ancient  environment. good graphics a good story and a wild west environment is enough to make a game popular, and maybe because of this red dead redemption series is so popular.


10.GTA 5 :-

Top 10 games in the world for pc

up 5 is on the most popular game of all time.  This game has been played for so many years but this game is still a favourate open world game. Everyone plays this game daily because you get to see 2 in this game. Storyline mode of a group in which there is a different thing, and 2nd is group 5 online. You can find real players in online to see the real players, make adjustments to play with them, make bank robberies, kill people, run different vehicles. Whatever graphics you get in this game, graphics will not get you in any open world game, this game comes from rockstar and rockstar is very popular franchise for open world game. And if you like open world games, and you're interested in the group's series, then you'll definitely play this game.

Which is the most played game in 2020?


What are the top 10 most popular games 2020?

1. tom clancys the division 2
2.mario kart 8 deluxe
3.super mario odyssey
4.grand theft auto 5
5.marvels spiderman

What are the top 10 video games of all time?

1.super mario
2.the legend zelda
4.dota 2
5.angry birds

top 10 games in india

1.call of duty 
2.garene free fire
3.among us
4.gta san 
6.asphalt 9

top games

2.mine craft
4.the witcher wild hunt
5.red dead redemption 2

world top 10 mobile games

1.pubg mobile
4.tom clancys
5.elite squad
6.stranger things
7.game of thrones
9.asphalt 9






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