Good facts about video games: what are some fun facts about video games


Good facts about video games: what are some fun facts about video games




We love video games! And I’m getting to take a wild guess and say that you simply do, too. I mean, there must be some reason you’re spending your free time looking up Good facts about video games and clicking to read this text .


Well, let me tell you—you won’t regret doing so.


Whether you’re a hardcore or casual gamer, we’ve got 22 computer game facts which will cause you to sound like an expert. So let’s start our list of Good facts about video games


Good facts about video games


1. As of 2020, there are more gamers than ever

An estimated 2.7 billion people played video games in 2020 alone. This increase is probably going thanks to the worldwide pandemic, a good supply, and an ever growing demand. Here's to the age of the gamer!


2. fun facts about Video games became a serious sport

It's no secret that Esports have exploded in recent years, but the extent of their popularity might surprise you. For the past several championships, the League of Legends world competition has drawn more viewers than the Super Bowl or NBA finals.


3. Gamers actually agree on the worst computer game of all time

It was so bad, the creators buried the evidence. Literally. The Atari ET computer game is widely considered the worst computer game ever created, and years after it had been created, copies were found buried within the New Mexico desert. If it truly was that bad, it looks like Atari ET got its poetic justice .


4. Gaming (definitely) is not just for teenagers

According to a recent study, the typical age of a gamer is 34, which just goes to point out that the market is growing far beyond just kids and teens! As more generations get older with video games, undoubtedly the demand and sort of options will grow. we will not wait to ascertain where that goes.


5. Just another Mortal Monday....

Mortal Kombat is one among the foremost successful fighting games of all time (but you almost certainly knew as much!).


Did you recognize , though, that it had been developed in ten months by a team of 4 people? which for the primary six months, the sport didn’t even have a name?


6. Video Game Facts Mortal Kombat II


A year after its debut within the arcades, Mortal Kombat was released on Mortal Monday, September 13, 1993, to the Nintendo’s Super NES and Game Boy, and Sega Enterprises’ Sega Genesis and Game Gear. The Nintendo versions completely omitted the blood the sport was known for.


7. Arcade processing power

The classic coin-op Space Invaders was originally developed in order that all the enemies moved at an equivalent speed. However, as players destroyed the alien invaders the pc had fewer objects to draw, so it could render the objects faster. The result? As you destroy critters, the remaining ones “march” toward Earth faster.


8. that appears infected

Player reaction to a simulated disease in World of Warcraft so closely resembled historical records about real plagues that epidemiologists are currently using the info from WoW to guage how people would answer a possible future virus outbreak.


9. the first tech startup

Remember the PlayStation 2 startup screen? Well, the seemingly random blocks and towers represent game progress—the more you play and save your games, the more blocks and towers appear. The towers represent the sport , and therefore the longer you play the taller they get. The blocks represent saved data.


The PlayStation 2 remains the simplest selling computer game console of all time, having sold 155 million units so far .


You should also know that the planning of the PS2 was modeled after the Atari Falcon Microbox. Sony bought the rights when Atari went bankrupt.


10. Run, Mario, run!

You might have already known Super Mario Bros. was the primary computer game to be made into a movie. But did you recognize that an up-and-coming actor named Hanks campaigned for the role of Mario? At the time, Nintendo execs worried he wouldn’t have enough box office clout to hold the film.


Good facts about Video Game Facts Mario Movie


11. Ninten-DO!

Nintendo has continually innovated within the computer game space and revolutionized an industry:


The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was the primary computer game controller to feature a directional pad, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) was the primary controller to feature right- and left-shoulder buttons, and therefore the Nintendo 64 (N64) popularized the analog thumbstick.


The company that developed the Wii motion technology offered it to Microsoft and Sony first (who both turned down the technology), and Nintendo ultimately introduced motion control to the masses!


12. There’s a game for that....

Video games have evolved to supply players almost any sort of experience. Currently, there are over 30 differing types of video games, including programming games like CodinGame, where players must use programming languages like Java and C++ to advance through the amount . Such titles with an academic spin bring a number of the highest video games for youngsters .


13. If you build it...

Do you have a replica of Tetris for your NES? If so, you would possibly want to dig it out and check which version you've got stashed away.


The Tengen copy (Tengen being Atari's publishing arm) is assumed to be in limited quantity—with only around 100,000 copies still alive .


I'll allow you to examine the circumstances here, but briefly , the Tengen version preceded Nintendo's own version of Tetris, but was achieved the shelves.


Oh, what's that? you've got the Sega version? Then you would possibly be holding one among the sole ten copies said to be alive .


14. Computer game cereal

Chex Quest, which was supported the Doom game engine, may be a non-violent first-person shooter released in 1996 as a Chex cereal promotion. it is the first computer game ever included as a box prize. The very first computer game (and computer game character) ever to urge its own cereal? Donkey Kong. The Cap’n Crunch-like cereal was “barrels of fun for breakfast,” and not surprisingly the cereal itself was shaped like tiny barrels.


Good facts about Video Game Facts Chex


15. Games do a body—and mind—good

Playing action video games trains people to form right decisions faster. How? Players develop a heightened sense of their surroundings which helps them multitask. And surgeons that often play video games make 37% fewer errors and perform their tasks 27% faster than peers.


16. Thanks for the memories

The Sega Saturn was the primary gaming console to ship with internal memory. Players could save about 5–6 games on the system’s RAM... all 32 kilobytes of it.


17. Super Snake Bros.

Are you a lover of Super Smash Bros.? in fact you're . So, then, did you ever wonder about the inclusion of Solid Snake in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as being a touch random? Yoshi, Pikachu, Kirby...Solid Snake?


Apparently, such thinking is warranted! The character addition stemmed from an in depth friendship between Hideo Kojima, director of Metal Gear Solid, and Masahiro Sakurai, who in fact , created Smash. Kojima "practically begged" Sakurai to incorporate Solid Snake given Kojima's son's fandom.


18. Online first, now, and forever!

Considered one among the best games of all time, Diablo is an action role-playing hack and slash classic known for its groundbreaking online play.


Using, a web service, players joined forces over the web to play Diablo. Modern MMOs like World of Warcraft are direct descendants of Diablo.


And 20 years after its debut, you'll still play Diablo online. it is the longest supported online game, ever.


19. Respect your elders

Madden NFL, as a franchise, is older than half the players currently playing within the NFL. “It’s within the game!” and on your system of choice—Madden NFL has appeared on 33 different computer game platforms and consoles, including Windows, iOS, the Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn, Nintendo SNES, N64, GameCube, Wii, and Wii U, Turbo Duo, 3DO; PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4, Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


Good facts about Video Game Facts Madden


20. The PlayStation is born

Sony and Nintendo entered into a development partnership to make a replacement console—a computer game machine that might be one among the primary to play CDs. Sony would offer the electronics, CD player, and other parts, but Nintendo killed the project. Sony decided to still develop the technology and launch it as a game system, now known to the planet because the original PlayStation. to the present day, the PS2 is that the best-selling console of all time with 157.6 million units sold.


21. get cracking

The Nintendo Entertainment Systems Power Pad, which was released in 1988 along side the sport World Class meet , launched the exergame genre.


A decade later in 1998, Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution became the foremost successful exergame ever (though it’s now considered a rhythm game).


22. Boo!

Resident Evil is one among the foremost successful computer game franchises in history, having spawned dozens of sequels, movies, toys, books, and board games. the first Resident Evil PlayStation game holds the record for worst computer game dialogue, consistent with Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition.


Good facts about Video Game Facts Mario

23. Girl power

Street Fighter II introduced one among video gaming’s first playable female characters, Chun-Li. (The very first playable human female computer game character was found within the 1985 Taito arcade game Typhoon Gal.)


And a bit like that, you’re 23 computer game facts smarter. You thought you knew, but really, you had no idea! (Here are a couple of coding facts if you wanted to stay the training going.)


With video games, anything is feasible . Beyond that, even an error or misstep can become something incredible within the end.


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So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to form your mark within the world of video games. It all starts with a thought (and reading through these facts has probably sparked a few).


Ready to keep going? Here is more computer game trivia, and if you've got have kid or teen able to explore the opposite side of video games, learn more about the computer game camp courses they will fancy go from game player to game creator.

Surprising Benefits and Good facts about video games



While you'll think you would like your surgeon reading abreast of the newest medical research rather than playing games, you would possibly want to reconsider: a study of laparoscopic (small incision) specialists found that those that played for quite three hours per week made 32 percent fewer errors during practice procedures compared to their non-gaming counterparts.



Some research points to attention difficulties as being a key component of dyslexia. One study has shown dyslexics improved their reading comprehension following sessions of games heavy on action. the rationale , researchers believe, is that the games have constantly changing environments that need intense focus.



“Don’t sit too on the brink of the television” wont to be a standard parental refrain without tons of science to back it up. Instead, scientists are discovering games carefully may very well improve—not strain—your vision. In one study, 10 weeks of play was related to a greater ability to discern between different reminder grey. Another had participants attempt to play games using only their “lazy” eye, with the “good” one obscured. Those players showed significant, sometimes normalized improvement within the affected eye.


VIDEO GAMES COULD HELP cause you to a far better LEADER.

Because certain genres of games reward and encourage leadership traits—providing for “communities,” securing their safety, etc.—researchers have noted that players can display a correlating motivation in their real-world career goals. Improvising during a game also can translate into being faster on your feet when an office crisis crops up.




Many games use actual historical events to drive their stories. Those characters and places can then spark a child’s interest in discovering more about the culture they’re immersed in, consistent with researchers. Parents who have obtained books, maps, and other resources connected to games have reported their children are more engaged with learning, which may cause a lifetime appreciation for history.



While some games promote a whole-body level of interaction, even those requiring an easy handheld controller can cause physical activity. Sports games that involve basketball, tennis, or maybe skateboarding can cause children practicing those self same skills outdoors.


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So-called “brain games” involving problem-solving, memory, and puzzle components are shown to possess a positive benefit on older players. In one study, just 10 hours of play led to increased cognitive functioning in participants 50 and older—improvement that lasted for several years.



It’s common to undertake to distract ourselves from pain by listening to something else or that specialize in other body mechanisms, but that’s not the sole reason why games are an honest post-injury prescription. Playing can actually produce an analgesic (pain-killing) response in our higher cortical systems. The more immersive, the better—which is why pending computer game systems may at some point be as prevalent in hospitals as hand sanitizer.



Gamers are sometimes stigmatized as being too insulated, but the other is really true. the increase of multi-player experiences online has given thanks to a replacement sort of socializing during which players work together to unravel problems. But studies have shown games also can be the catalyst for friends to collect in person: roughly 70 percent of all players play with friends a minimum of a number of the time.

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Since it's a disorder affecting multiple nerves, MS patients often have problems with their balance—and no medications are conclusively proven to assist . However, one study showed that MS patients who played games requiring physical interaction while standing on a balance board displayed improvement afterward.



We all know someone who seems to possess a faster CPU than the remainder folks , ready to retrieve information or react during a blink of an eye . For some, that ability could be strengthened through gaming. Because new information is consistently being displayed during play, players are forced to adapt quickly. In one study, players who were immersed in fast-paced games were 25 percent faster in reacting to questions on a picture that they had just seen compared to non-players.



Players preoccupied with indulging in overeating, smoking, or drinking could be best served by reaching for a controller instead. A university study revealed a 24 percent reduction in desire for his or her vice of choice after playing a puzzle game.



While some games are thought to induce stress—especially once you see your character struck down for the umpteenth time—the opposite are often true. a serious study that tracked players over six months and measured pulse found that certain titles reduced the adrenaline response by over 50 percent.



Though the stance is controversial, some researchers have asserted that action games may reduce a bully’s motivation to—well, bully. One study that had players assume the role of both the hero and villain showed that those controlling the bad guy’s behaviors displayed a greater sense of remorse over their actions.




Gamers using systems that incorporate the whole body to regulate onscreen movement are shown to be more engaged in celebrating victories with their peers, which runs counter to the shortage of communication people with autism sometimes present. A study also showed that sharing space with multiple players also can cause increased social interaction for those with the disorder.


This story originally ran in 2017.

our list of Good facts about video games




Why video games are unhealthy?

Game addiction problems can induce repetitive strain injuries, skin disorders or other health issues. Other problems include video game-provoked seizures in patients with epilepsy. In rare and extreme cases, deaths have resulted from excessive computer game playing (see Deaths thanks to computer game addiction).

Reasons why video games are harmful

But an excessive amount of computer game playing may cause problems. It's hard to urge enough active play and exercise if you're always inside playing video games. And without enough exercise, kids can become overweight. Overdoing video games also could affect other important stuff, like friendships and the way well a child does in class .

What is it called when someone plays a video game so much that they begin to see it away from the screen?

Video game addiction, also referred to as gaming disorder or internet gaming disorder, is usually defined because the problematic, compulsive use of video games that leads to significant impairment to a person's ability to function in various life domains over a protracted period of your time .


We end our list of Good facts about video games.

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