How Naruto became hokage of hidden leaf village

How Naruto became hokage


So, at the start, Naruto was the weakest ninja in Hidden Leaf village and he was always hated by the villagers and trying to get everyone’s attention, but the villagers always treated him like a monster and no one would care about him.


And Naruto is always trying so hard to prove himself and trying to become hokage because if he becomes hokage and proves them wrong, then he gets the villagers' respect and everyone loves him.

So, Naruto's journey starts with Kakashi, and Kakashi is Naruto’s teacher and the other two members of their team are Sasuke and Sakura.


How Naruto becomes stronger


So, at the start, naruto makes Sasuke a rival and tries to beat Sasuke every time. And slowly, slowly, Naruto became stronger because he tried to save his friends. He trained himself to save sasuke and sakura and slowly became more powerful than sasuke.

One day, Naruto meets jiraya and jiraya Jiraya makes him his student because jiraya knows naruto is a nine tails jinjuriki, and jiraya wants one naruto control the nine tails power. And then Jiraya teaches him so many jujtsus, like resengen, summoning jujtsu, etc.


How Naruto has become everyone’s favorite


So, in the naruto Shippuden, when pain attacks a hidden leaf village and destroys everything and harms so many villagers, then naruto beats pain and becomes the hero of the hidden leaf. Pain is the most powerful ninja and leader of Akatsuki, so then naruto beat pain and the villagers understand the potential of naruto. And his became the hope of the hidden leaf village.


How does naruto become hokage


In the fourth great ninja war, naruto and sasuke overtook the power level of most of so many hokage and no one is capable of beating naruto and sasuke. They’re the powerful shinobi of the hidden leaf naruto, and sasuke beat so many shinobi, even shinobi like madara uchiha, obito uchiha, and past kages, and when the fourth ninja war ended, naruto became a very popular and the stronger ninja in shinobi world. and 13 years later he became seventh hokage of hidden leaf.